Simple Recruitment
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Get Rid of Paper

Enjoy a centralized recruitment process that responds automatically. Save time and money by writing messages in advance.

Save Time and Effort

Save the extra costs of interviewing each candidate separately.

Another Dimension

Online interviews give you the opportunity to come across a different dimension where you can meet the person online before a physical meeting.

Powerful Product

This product is a complete recruitment solution.

Full Support

We are here to accompany your work and help you if necessary.

Unbeatable Prices

Very low operating costs that will save you a lot of money each month.

ראיונות עבודה בוידאו צ'ט
Customization Option

You can customize this product according to your needs on your site.

Full Integration

Full support for interfacing with existing products.

Easy for Use

Easy for use. Application available for all types of devices.

Be more effective with video interviews

  • Hire the best talent in half of the time
  • Avoid bad hires
  • Organize your recruitment with automatic scheduling and archive
  • Digitalize and optimize your hiring process in one platform

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