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These Terms of Use define your access and use regarding this site Live-Interview.com (“The Site”). Anyone who visits The Site should read these Terms of Use. If you do not agree with them, please exit The Site immediately. By using The site, you accept these Terms of Usе.


The Site is property of Hilix Ltd. ("The Company"), address Sofia, “Prof. Hristo Danov ”11, entrance E, office 6, Bulgaria These Terms of Use are a contract between Hilix LTD and each person/company using The Site ("Users").


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1. The Site provides free and paid services hereinafter referred to as "Services".

2. Users may use the Services only after registering to The Site.

3. Registration of a company should be made only by a person authorized by the company, hereinafter referred to as "Representative" who declares to have been authorized to accept these Terms of Use in order to use and manage the company's account on behalf of the company.

4. By registering to The Site, the Representative declares that he/she meets the aforementioned requirements and that the information which he/she provides regarding the company and its employees is accurate. In case of  a change which causes the provided information to be outdated, the Representative must update this information in the company's account. In any case of suspicion of inaccurate information, The Site has the right to suspend accounts without notice.

5. The Representative must fill in his company's Name, UIC / BULSTAT (or other corporate or tax number depending on the country of registration), contact information and any other information marked as mandatory. If the Representative declares that his company is registered outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria but does not provide the necessary information in accordance with the applicable tax laws, The Site reserves the right to treat the company as a nontaxable entity.

6. Users must provide accurate and up-to-date information at time of registration and must keep guard to update information in The Site in case of changes in their company that may reflect The Services.

7. The Site reserves the right to request the submission of additional identification documents from Users.

8. Users are responsible for all actions performed through their accounts, including misuse of usernames and passwords. Users must notify The Site in a timely manner in case there has been unauthorized access to their account or if there is suspicion of such access.

9. By accepting these Terms, Users agree to receive emails from The Site related to The Services.



Rules for Publication and Use of Information

10. Users must use The Site in accordance with these Terms and the applicable law.

11. Users guarantee that they have the right to use all content they store on The Site. Users are responsible for all damages resulting from any unauthorized distribution of content to which they have no rights.

12. It is strictly prohibited to publish information of an illegal, offensive or indecent nature or such that may be offensive to a third party.

13. The Site reserves the right to remove any inappropriate content from The Site or to request that the User removes it.

14. It is strictly prohibited to use The Site for promoting services or products, sending invitations to register on other sites, participate in games, etc., or to send unsolicited electronic messages (SPAM).

15. Users authorize The Site to make their content accessible for purposes related to The Services.

16. The Site reserves the right to stop or suspend the provision of The Services if these Terms or any applicable law has been breached, or upon reasonable assumption that such breach has occurred. The Company is not required to provide explanations or motives for terminating or suspending the provision of The Service.



Services and Payment

17. Users may receive free or paid Services according to offers on The Site.

18. Prices of all paid Services are published in the Packages and Prices section on The Site and are calculated according to Users’ choices.

19. The prices of the Services may be changed unilaterally by The Company and such changes do not apply to the Services already paid by Users.

20. Payment for the Services is made in one of the methods specified on The Site.

21. Users cannot cancel a Service when it has already been ordered, there has been a confirmation of that order by The Site and the execution of the Service has already been started. In such cases, the full price of the requested Service is due and the amount paid is not refundable.

22. The Site reserves the right to refuse offering Services in case of non-compliance with the Terms and/or at its sole discretion.

23. The Site reserves the right to stop or suspend the provision of the Service, if the amount due for that Service is not paid or its payment is delayed.

24. The Site may stop or suspend the provision of Services in the event of a suspected breach of the law, these Terms or other terms and conditions provided on the Site.

25. The Site may stop or suspend your account at:

  25.1. your own request

  25.2. if The Site no longer operates

 25.3. in case of forces caused by unforeseen or unforeseeable events of an extraordinary nature occurring after the conclusion of the contract

 25.4. in other cases provided for in the Terms or the law, including breach of these Terms or other conditions provided on The Site.

26. The Site does not owe a refund when access to the Services has been suspended for any of the reasons stated above or other reasons. If The Site fails to provide the Services for which Users have prepaid a monthly fee, The Site will refund a portion of the monthly subscription fee paid. In any case, the refunded amount may not exceed the amount paid by the User for a monthly subscription of that particular month.

27. The Site is not liable for paying damages of any harm resulting from the use or failure to use The Site, including in the event of a temporary or permanent loss of access to the Site and/or the Services.

28. The Site reserves the right to unilaterally change, remove or add to the Services offered on The Site without notice.

29. The Site reserves the right to unilaterally change these Terms, but is responsible for informing all Users of any changes to the Terms by posting them prominently on The Site. Changes in the Terms do not apply for the provision of Services requested and paid prior to making those changes.



 30. All content posted by The Site is the property of The Company. Reproduction, modification, publication and distribution of content posted on The Site or the visual look of The Site itself is prohibited without the express consent of The Company.


Personal Data

31. The data and materials that Users themselves place on The Site are stored in The Company's database.

 31.1. The Legal Entity - Employer is a Personal Data Administrator with regard to the data received in his account and the Employer should comply with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

 31.2 Legal Entity - An Employer must not ask of other Users of the Site to submit special categories of personal data within the meaning of Art. 9 and 10 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 through Live-interview.com, unless authorized to do so by law.



 32.For matters that are not settled in these Terms, the legislation in force is applied.

Changes to the Terms of Use

33. Any future changes to our TERMS OF USE will be posted on this page.


These Terms of Use were last updated on 25/10/2019.

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