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Online Video Interviews Software Platform

Live-interview.com is a Video interviews software platform with a number of interview tools, that will make your recruitment and filtering process much simpler and more innovative.

Recruiting video software improves hiring process and helps companies to better organize and manage their candidate's profiles and interviews.

Video interview

Get to know your candidates better in less time by having them self-record video answers to your interview questions.
  • Create your unlimited number of video interview questions
  • Send an unlimited number of invitations for an interview to candidates
  • Receive a notification for any video recorded
  • Easy send the interview to others for evaluation

Live Video Interview

Easily interview candidates in real time no matter their whereabouts and record the interview so you can go back to it later
  • Schedule a live interview
  • Interviews are conducted directly in your web browser
  • Easily send the interview to others for another opinion

Video Library

Create your company video profile.
  • Upload videos that represents your company - activity, atmosphere, employees and more.

Test for Candidates

Create your own job interview test
  • Write down your questions
  • Create your answer options
  • Send the test to candidates by one click

Candidates List

Create candidates list
  • Add candidate’s information
  • Upload a candidate’s CV
  • Choose candidates from a list and share their information

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