Part 5: Benefits for staffing and recruiting firms

Video Interviews for staffing: better representation of candidates to clients

An obvious benefit of video interviews for staffing companies is that it allows recruiters to connect with the usually hard-to-reach candidates, such as non-local and passive. Passive candidates usually already have a full-time job and don’t have time in their schedule to fit in driving to another office for an interview. Trying to schedule an in-person interview with a candidate who lives in another country or even just the next town over can be the cause of headaches as well. There are travel costs to consider along with differing time-zones. Furthermore, uncontrollable things, such as weather and traffic, can prevent an in-person interview from happening at all which means having to reschedule and will delaying a hiring decision being made.

Video interviews provide the flexibility to work around a candidate’s busy schedule. That passive candidate can record their interview at the end of a long work day in the comfort of their home using a webcam or mobile device. You can connect with far-flung candidates in real-time, face-to-face with the live interview.

For staffing, the advantages to using this technology go beyond the ability to efficiently connect with local and non-passive candidates. Video interviewing is a powerful tool that will help staffing companies more efficiently place candidates at clients’ companies where they can excel and contribute immensely.

Video interviewing is the ultimate marketing tool available to staffing companies. It provides a better way for recruiters to present candidates to clients so they can conveniently see for themselves if someone has the right communication skills and attitude to fit in at their organization. Your clients will appreciate how much insight they’ll gain on a candidate by watching their video interviews. They’ll have peace of mind knowing that their new hire won’t be a big mistake they’ll regret later on. Furthermore, their trust in your staffing company to provide top-notch candidates will grow.

Additionally, video interviews are a value prop to candidates that can increase their chances of getting a job offer. Through recorded video interviews, a candidate can give companies an accurate look at the type of professional they are. By utilizing video interviews, recruiters are showing their candidates that they value them and that their priority is to position them in the best light to potential employers.

Utilizing video interviews enables staffing companies to ensure that their talent pool is always full of great candidates who have the potential to be great hires for clients. Specifically, the recorded interviews can help staffing companies to boost their revenue by establishing strong, long-lasting relationships with their clients who can rely on them to deliver great talent when needed.

Take more revenue with video interviewing for staffing firms

The way in which most staffing firms measure their success is by looking at the number of candidate placements they make. Ultimately, a staffing firm’s revenue will grow as their number of placements increases.

Below are examples of how utilizing video interviewing technology will help your staffing firm improve its recruiting strategies to drive more revenue:

Expand Your Candidate Area

It’s crucial that staffing professionals have an ongoing candidates area from which they can pull candidates from for any given position that opens up at a client’s company. With video interviews, you can build a digital library of talent to achieve this. If a candidate didn’t work out for one client, you will have their video interview on file to potentially fill another client’s position.

Being able to look at previous job candidates’ video interviews can speed up the time it takes staffing pros to find and place right candidate. You’ll be spending less time trying to dig up notes on a particular candidate and more time placing them at an organization.

Enhance Collaboration with Clients

Having candidates complete recorded interviews or participate in a live interview, allows you to share the recordings with your clients to review. This will greatly enhance collaboration which will lead to your clients having the chance to make better hiring decisions. Your clients will be able to see candidates the way you see them so you can gain more insight on their needs and expectations.

After reviewing candidates’ recorded interviews, your clients can outline exactly what they like and don’t like about them which will help you provide top candidate and further set yourself apart from competitors.

By working with candidates in this way to ensure they’re properly showcasing their personality and skills to clients, you can position your staffing firm as one that highly values its candidates and will do anything possible to place them at great organizations. These candidates may then recommend others to work with your company. More candidates working with your company means having a better chance of finding the best potential hires for your clients.

Using video interviews at your staffing firm will help you to consistently deliver great candidates for you clients to hire. This will increase their trust and their desire to continue working with your staffing firm.

Staffing solutions: using Live Interview to hire the best candidates

As a staffing industry professional, you know finding the best candidates isn't easy. Since the economic recession, companies have fewer openings, which mean competition between staffing agencies can be downright fierce. You need to ensure your staffing agency rises above the rest.


The Live Interview can be a great way to give your staffing agency a competitive edge, and ensure you get the clients you need to thrive. You need to stay ahead of the competition and that means finding the best candidates and finding them fast. Companies are looking for staffing solutions, and the video interview can be a great way to cut costs and cut down on time, while never giving up on candidate quality.

Employers don't just need any candidate, they need highly and specifically skilled workers. These people, unsurprisingly, are hard to find even in times of high unemployment. Video interviews can help by allowing your staffing agency to connect personally much faster than in the traditional hiring process. Instead of endless back-and-forth through email trying to schedule a meeting, you can meet in real time with a live video interview.

This will ensure your staffing agency doesn't lose out on top candidates, because your competitors have scooped up the most highly skilled workers while you were still trying to schedule an in-person sit down.

A Temporary Staffing Solution

Most companies looking toward staffing agencies for help filling temporary jobs are looking to do so swiftly. A benefit of video interviewing is it helps cut the fat out of the traditional hiring process, shortening time to hire.

Instead of an average of 30 minutes on a phone screen with someone who could be all wrong for the job, the recorded video interview allows you to quickly sort through your temporary staffing options. This way, you can hone in on only the best candidates and get this talent connecting with companies eager to hire smart workers.

For companies looking for staffing solutions, video interviewing could be the key to success. Whether you're looking to connect with candidates in real time or cut down on the temporary staffing process, it's time to embrace new technology and make great hires!

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