Part 4: Industries and jobs for video interviewing

Hiring great technology employees with Live Interview 

Thanks to a tech worker shortage and the skills gap, it's actually harder than ever to find the right people you need for your open positions. Despite the high unemployment rate, finding the right people for technology sector jobs is still a real challenge.

This is because, while the unemployed job seekers is large, those who can perform these highly skilled tech jobs is actually fairly small. The skills gap between the qualifications employers need and the qualifications job seekers have feels like it gets wider all the time.

The video interview can be a great tool for connecting with the best candidates and scooping them up before your competition.

While the unemployment rate for all job seekers hovers at around 7 percent, the unemployment rate for those in the IT industry and technological fields is a paltry 4 percent.

It's tough out there in the job market...unless you work in technology.

Due to the high demand, the best tech job seekers are likely to have packed schedules. Your company might find a great passive candidate who would be perfect for your open position, but finding time to schedule a conventional interview is another story. Not only is this passive candidate in high demand, but also it's likely their schedule will make a face-to-face sit down hard to come by.

This is a great example of how the video interview can help your company scoop up top candidate. That passive candidate who doesn't have time to commute out to your office just might have time to squeeze a video interview into their packed schedule.

In a live video interview, you can connect with the passive candidate in real time just like in a traditional interview. However, because these interviews can be performed from anywhere, even the busiest passive candidate can make time to connect via webcam.

Now you can jump the skills gap by isolating talent and connecting with these individuals faster than in the traditional process.

You can also use recorded interviews, where employers present job seekers with typed questions to answer on video. These are much faster and more efficient than phone screens, and will allow you to see if your in-demand tech worker is likely to leave the company due to a cultural mismatch.

Hiring great sales representatives with Live Interview

Obviously, hiring the best sales representative you possibly can is important. A recent study revealed in a business-to-business environment the caliber of sales representative is the most influential factor when it comes to buying decisions. A good sales representative can literally make or break your business.

64 % of sales representatives fail because they're just not right for the jobл Hiring is essential when it comes to putting together a strong sales team for your organization, and the video interview can be the right tool to ensure you hire only the most talented job seekers.

These jobs prize superior communication skills, and the video interview will allow you to evaluate such skills faster and with less fuss. For instance, instead of doing several phone interviews back to back to evaluate communication skills, you can instead compile a list of great interview questions and send this list to all of your candidates. Then you can have your candidates answers these tough interview questions on video in a recorded interview.

In a recorded interview, job seekers answer an employer's written interview questions on video. These video interview answers can then be viewed at any time by your hiring team. Now you can judge personality and communication skills without ever wasting time with the wrong candidate. When it becomes time to select candidates for a more personal live video interview, you can select only the candidates with personalities aggressive and confident enough to make a good sales representative.

So here are just a few of the tough interview questions you should be asking during a live or one-way virtual interview in order to find the best people:

Do you prefer a long or short sales cycle?

What do you like least about being in sales?

What makes you a good sales representative?

Tell me about your career goals.

These tough interview questions will allow you to find out more about what your sales candidate knows and what kind of fit they will be for your open jobs. By focusing on knowledge and career goals, you’ll be able to discover just how serious this candidate is about pursuing a career in the sales field.

Video interviews can be a great way of finding the top candidate you need for your sales team without wasting time and energy in the hiring process.

Executive management hiring: 3 video interviewing tips

Executive management candidates can truly make a large difference in your organization, your company culture, and your company's bottom line. These executives will be driving your company forward, so you need to hire the very best.


You need a better way to hire for executive management positions, so you don't end up footing the bill for costly employee turnover. Thankfully, the video interview can be your solution by helping you connect with executives personally, find the right skills, and shorten your process.

Here are three tips for using the video interview to hire the executives your company needs and reduce employee turnover:

Connect Personally

When it comes to hiring the right executives for your company, finding the right fit is extremely important. Beyond skills, you need to find someone who aligns with your company's mission statement, someone with the right drive and determination for the job, and someone who can improve your company culture and move your organization forward. So, it makes sense to try to connect personally with these top management candidates sooner in the process. The video interview allows you to do so, making it simple to connect personally from the first moments of the process. Whether you're connecting in a live or recorded video interview, this new tech tool makes it easier to evaluate personality, communication skills, and overall fit.

Find The Right Skills

Recruiting a top management candidate or CEO requires a very particular and refined set of skills. These skills won't always be simple to find, and the candidates with the right stuff might lie beyond your company's geographical comfort zone.

With video interviewing, you can connect with these far-flung candidates simply, effectively, and cheaply. Instead of spending money on plane tickets and hotels, you can connect face-to-face in a live video interview. This way you can find the executives, CEO candidates, and top management talent you need while saving money.

Easier Coordination

Whether you're hiring a CEO or a senior executive, coordination and communication are key. It’s important for both hiring managers and staffing professionals to coordinate with the internal management team in order to make a good senior level hire.

Video interviewing can help communication with even the busiest management team. For instance, recorded video interviews have candidates answer questions on video. These video answers can then be viewed at any time, by a staffing company or by an internal management team.

Recruiting top-notch executive management talent isn't always easy. But if you want to avoid employee turnover, hire great people, and find new leaders to move your company forward you need to look to new solutions. The video interview can be the key, helping you coordinate efforts, find the right people, and connect personally with the very best.

Freelance jobs using Live Interview

The freelancer economy is going strong, with more and more professionals go whit non-traditional work schedules. Most of this has been spurned by the weak economy, forcing candidates to get more creative and think outside the box.

For employers, the allure of hiring someone to do freelance work is pretty evident. These are qualified professionals who can help your company grow, scale, and bring a well-developed skill set to the table. You might need someone to do some freelance writing or freelance marketing on a one-time project basis, making it inefficient to hire someone in-house.

Hiring great candidates to do freelance work is also a great way to form a ready-made proving ground for candidates you might want to take on for more long-term employment. Instead of trusting the references on their resume or the work in their portfolio, you can see what they're really made of by evaluating the projects they turn in as a freelance employee.

So how do you find top-notch candidates for your freelance jobs? Live interview can be a great way to fill your empty freelance jobs with talented and qualified candidates.

One of the best things about video interviews is the ability to connect personally with a candidate. Whether you're looking for someone to do some freelance writing or freelance photography, you'll want to connect just like you would with any other candidate you'd bring into the company fold. Just because a candidate is freelancing, after all, doesn't mean it no longer becomes important for them to fit into the overall company culture.

The candidate is still representing your company, even if you're only hiring them to do a little freelance writing for the company website. You need someone who understands the company and, more importantly, someone you trust to deliver top-quality work.

We mentioned before that some companies use freelance work as the basis for evaluating candidates they might want to bring on full-time. So it's important to start making sure a candidate fits into the company culture as early as the hiring process.

Using video interviews, you can connect personally with the best and brightest candidates. In a live video interview, you can connect face-to-face in the same personal way you would if they were sitting across the desk from you. Best of all, you can then share the best candidates with your whole team.

Successful entrepreneurs use Live interview

Hiring new recruits for your startup company is never easy. As the founder of a new venture, you're likely spending most of your time trying to secure funding and looking for business opportunities so your fledgling company can grow. Hiring might be the furthest thing from your mind, but eventually all startup companies realize it's time to bring emploee.

However, hiring top talent on a tight startup budget is far from a simple task. It can also be a time-consuming prospect. As a startup founder, you still have to focus on growing the company and coming up with smart business ideas. You don't want to spend all your time hunting top talent when you could be scaling your business.

This is where the Live interview can really help startup founders become successful entrepreneurs. By cutting down the traditional hiring process, the video interview can help founders connect personally with top talent faster, saving time and money in the process.

Successful entrepreneurs know you need more than great business ideas to grow into a strong company. Eventually, success will require bringing on a team to help with the day-to-day functions of your new startup.

Know when to hire. One of the biggest mistakes made by startup companies is premature scaling. All the business opportunities in the world won't matter if you rush into hiring before you're ready. Before jumping into the hiring process with both feet, ask yourself if it's really time to bring more people into the company.

So how can the video interview help startup companies hire the best without missing out on important business opportunities? Here are some ways:

Video Interviews Save Money

Good company leaders are always looking for new business opportunities, especially when it comes to funding. You might end up spending much of your time looking for angel investors or navigating complicated business startup loans.

After the funding shuffle, you certainly don't want to lose money in the hiring process. And startup recruitment doesn't have to be an endless process: Video interviews save valuable time and money by shortening the traditional hiring process for cash-strapped founders.

For instance, recorded video interviews can save plenty of time in the recruitment process. In a recorded interview, written questions posed by recruiters are answered on video by candidates.

In a startup environment, time is money. Spending less time connecting with candidates all wrong for the job will save founders plenty of cash they can invest back into the business.

Connect Personally and Focus on Company Culture

Company culture is essential when it comes to startup recruitment. As a founder, it's your job to create the personality, environment, and company culture of your startup. Whether you're just beginning to hire or you're a recruitment pro, it's important to keep company culture in mind while looking at top prospects. Knowing how expensive employee turnover can be, it's important to focus only on the candidates who can make a positive contribution to your startup.


Video interviews allow you to connect faster and more personally with great candidates. If someone doesn't impress in a one-way video interview, you can easily move onto the next talented candidate.

Plus, video interviews allow you to cross great distances and still connect. With live video interviews, you can talk in real-time with candidates all over the world, helping startup founders easily jump the skills gap.

Financial and accounting services hiring with Live Interview

Whether you're looking to hire someone to deal with accounting services or financial security, the truth is many companies have taken a hit since the recession. This means you probably need these financial services professionals more than ever, while simultaneously battling a smaller hiring budget.

Video interviews help recruiters connect with great financial and accounting services professionals faster and more personally than ever before. It also helps recruiters bridge great distances, helping companies focus on hiring the best people.

Live Interview: A Financial Services Industry Solution

Thanks to the power of video interviewing, recruiters are finding it easier to connect with the best candidates. Whether a company is looking for compliance officers, investment services professionals, or someone to monitor the company's financial security, video interviews could be the solution.

Hiring Trainees Entry-Level Jobs

Thanks to the recorded video interview, students don't even have to take time away from their class schedule in order to record answers to your written interview questions. You can cut out the noise at career fairs and instead focus on the best to fill your entry-level jobs.

The global financial crisis might have made it harder for companies to find the best people. But thanks to the power of video interviews, your company can avoid the clutter, reduce employee turnover, and hire the best financial and accounting services professionals.

Administrative professionals: Hiring the best with Live Interview

Great administrative professionals keep your company running smoothly. Whether you're hiring an administrative assistant, a human resource manager, or a labor relations specialist, you need to ensure your company finds the best person. These professionals keep your office running

Yet many companies overlook these necessary positions in their quest to hire the best people. If your organization is dropping on hiring great administrative professionals, you might soon find yourself left down. From entry-level administrative support to manager human resources, these are the employees that keep your organization running at full speed.


You cannot ignore the importance of hiring someone with the right personality for the job. A good administrative assistant will fit into your company culture with ease, but more importantly their personality will mesh with the executives or managers they are assisting. If you skimp on the interview process, you might just find yourself with a skilled candidate your executives just do not enjoy working with. You need to find both top-notch skills and a great personality when it comes to hiring the right personal assistant.


The video interview can help in this search by connecting you faster and more personally with great administrative assistant candidates, all without wasting too much time talking to the wrong people. Thanks to the recorded video interview, companies can watch prospective administrative professionals answer written questions on video.


This way, only the candidates with the right personality and skills make it to the next level of the interviewing process. This allows executives and managers to waste less of their time and only connect with the best candidates.


The video interview can help you easily see which of your candidates have the right tech skills for our increasingly digital world. Candidates who can integrate a video resume into their social media profiles, for instance, are probably more tech-savvy than those sending in the same old email attachments. And those candidates who don’t bother to stage the backgrounds in their video interview show they're not thinking with the digital stage in mind.


Finding the right administrative support isn't always easy, whether you're looking for a top-notch administrative assistant or an HR superstar. Utilizing the video interview can help you connect more personally and assess skills more easily, leading to the best hires possible.

Internet marketing solutions: Hiring the best with Live Interview

New technology has meant a proliferation of new marketing strategies being employed by smart companies. Digital marketing, mobile marketing, and even text message marketing are all coming into play as technology changes the shape of the industry.

How can the video interview help your company seize the moment and find the right people to keep moving your advertising efforts forward?

Video interviewing for freelancer recruitment: more companies are utilizing the power of freelancers to implement their marketing strategies. It can be tough, however, to be sure you're hiring the best freelancers. Some of your freelancers might even be virtual workers, meaning they could be located anywhere on the globe.


Thanks to the power of the video interview, you can connect with these freelancers on a more personal level, just because they can't come into the office for an in-person meeting doesn't mean you can't form a personal connection. Thanks to live video interviews, you can have a face-to-face interview even if you're in vastly different time zones.

Video interviewing for specific skills: Today's landscape calls for a different set of marketing strategies and skills. Most companies are looking for internet marketing solutions, which means they're looking for candidates with specific skill sets. Thanks to the skills gap, it's harder than ever before to find candidates with the high-level, specific skills you need.

Instead of endless emails back and forth, you can watch recorded video interviews of the top candidates and choose to connect personally with only the very best. This will allow you to streamline your recruitment process while simultaneously finding the candidates with the specific skill sets to offer the internet marketing solutions your company craves.

Hiring the best marketing candidates isn't always easy. But thanks to the power of the video interview you can connect on a more personal level, reduce employee turnover and find candidates who will thrive in your company culture. So what are you waiting for?

How to find better retail industry employees with Live Interview

In the retail sector, employee turnover is a huge concern. We all know great employees are hard to find, so it can be even more heartbreaking when they leave your retail organization.

Whether it's a hard-working store employee, manager, or cashier, your retail organization needs a good employees. Hiring workers who will be the right for the job is difficult, which is why more companies are turning to the video interview to find it.

In fact, six out of 10 companies are currently utilizing the video interview in their hiring practices to find the right people. So what are the main concerns facing the retail industry and how can the video interview help your company acquire top talent interested in sticking around? Let's take a look at some of these concerns.

The Challenges in the Retail Industry and Hiring:

Before looking at how the video interview can provide solutions for reducing employee turnover, we first need to look into the hiring issues facing the retail industry. Because many of those employed in retail jobs are part-time workers, turnover is a huge concern.

These employees don't feel as if they're part of the organizational family and often left when better opportunities present themselves. Many retail employees aren't looking for career jobs but merely jobs to help pay the bills right now. So instead of looking forward to a long career in the organization and moving up the corporate ladder, these employees are looking forward to nothing more than their next paycheck.


One of the major benefits of video interviewing is the ability to see more job seekers in a shorter amount of time. For instance, in a recorded virtual interview, recruiters pose written questions job seekers then answer on video. These video responses give employers a personal feel for the candidate, while allowing the interview process to be more portable.

Because recruiters can view these job seekers' responses at any time, these interviews can be worked around even the most busy schedule. Plus, you can watch 10 video screens in the amount of time it takes to perform one phone screen! For an industry with high turnover like the retail industry, this is a great way to save time while hiring.

Job seekers who fit into your corporate culture will be more likely to stick around than those who just aren't the right fit. In the video interview, pose interview questions to find out what your candidate's ideal corporate culture would look like. Make sure you are very, very honest about what your retail organization's corporate culture is.

Remember you can always train for skills, but it's much harder to fit a square job seeker into the round hole of your corporate culture. Those who fit into your organizational environment will be more likely to stick around and reduce your employee turnover.

Many retail employees are leaving their jobs, and the sector, because they just don't see a viable career path. They're not leaving for high salaries, they're leaving for increased professional opportunities. So if you want to keep more of your top performers around, offer a viable career path.

Use your interviewing opportunity to express exactly how a the candidate can turn from a part-time or hourly employee into an organizational all star. Offering a clear career path directly in the video interview, as opposed to just a job, will make your hires more likely to stick around.

Employee turnover can be very costly in the retail industry, which is why you should embrace video interviewing to help you hire workers who will grow with your company.

Avoiding employee turnover with Live Interview

If you're spending all your time on hiring, odds are you're losing valuable time and money which would be better spent elsewhere. You need to find great employees who fit into your corporate culture and will be excited about growing with the company.

Utilizing the video interview, hiring managers in the food services industry can find employees more likely to stick around with less time wasted. This is good news not just for your bottom line, but also for your customer service and company morale.

What Hiring Challenges Face the Restaurant Industry?

Hiring great managers, servers, and staff for your restaurant isn't always easy. The harder part, however, is retaining good employees once you have them. Using a video interview can be a better way to connect with interested applicants without wasting tons of time interviewing applicants who just aren't right for the job.

A recorded virtual interview allows hiring managers to see job seekers before spending real face-to-face time in the their presence. One of the main reasons for the high employee turnover in the food services industry is because companies end up hiring for skills instead of for corporate culture fit.

Instead of wasting time talking to job seekers who just won't fit in, using a recorded virtual interview is a fast way to tell immediately if a candidate is right for your company. In the recorded interview, recruiters pose written questions job seekers answer on film. If you know the potential server or manager is all wrong for the job, you can click out of the video without having wasted any scheduling an in-person interview. Plus, if you just don't have the time to have a stream of job seekers traipsing into your restaurant, you can connect with applicants in real time using live video interviews.

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